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2022-2023 Leadership

Lost Creek Moms Club is led by an all-volunteer committee of moms. We are so thankful for their service. If you are interested in volunteering in a leadership position, please email the current Co-Presidents, Andie Ochoa and Kerri Baldwin.

Co-Presidents: Collaborate on overall event calendar, manage budget with Treasurer, lead Board meetings and establish goals and expectations

VP: Procure sponsorships & encourage community engagement

Treasurer: Manage budget and accounts with Presidents, distribute funds to Board Members 

Communications: Manage website and online membership directories

Social Media: Manage the LCMC Instagram page and Facebook group

Adults' Parties: Plan both fall and spring gatherings for moms and dads only

Adults' Parties: Plan both fall and spring gatherings for moms and dads only

Kids' Parties: Plan both fall and spring gatherings for all LCMC children

Picture of Andie's family


Andie Ochoa

Orange Blossom


Lindsay Verbit

Picture of Meagan's family

Social Media

Meagan Dillard

Picture of Chelsi's family

Adults' Parties

Chelsi Odom

Picture of Kimberly's family

Families' Parties

Kimberly Derrick

Picture of Jesse's family


Jesse Kasnicki

Picture of Kerri's family


Kerri Baldwin

Picture of Nicole's family

Assistant Treasurer

Nicole Grantham

Picture of Christie's family

Playgroups' Manager

Christi Lentz

Picture of Glynis' family

Kids' Parties

Glynis Burner

Picture of Carissa's family

Families' Parties

Carissa Milam

Picture of Brooke's family


Brooke Binning

Picture of Orly's family

Vice President

Orly Feldman

Picture of Renee's family


Renee Evans

Picture of Alexa's family

Adults' Parties

Alexa Alspaugh

Picture of Melissa's family

Kids' Parties

Melissa Gage

Picture of Kate's family


Kate Slaughter

Playgroups' Manager: Communicate with the playgroup leaders for each year & maintain accurate playgroup contacts lists

Families' Parties: Plan both fall and spring gatherings for the whole family

Hospitality: Encourage and foster connection among members and manage the new mother meal trains

Advisor: advises leadership team as needed

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