Interest Groups

Playgroups are formed based on the year your child will enter kindergarten. Playgroup leaders plan play dates, family events, and mom-only activities throughout the year. This way when your child heads off to kinder, they (and you!) already know some of their classmates.


However, due to COVID-19 restrictions, we will temporarily be suspending play dates. In order to add some fun and help kids make social connections, older children will be matched with a "pen pal" in their playgroup. This may include exchanging drawings, photos, treats, etc. - your playgroup leader will help provide ideas! Playgroup leaders will also still try to plan some socially distanced mom nights.

If you have any questions or need to be added to your playgroup email list, please email Kathleen Shapley or your play group leader.

2020-2021 Interest Group Leaders

Tennis Club

Brooke Smith

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Bible Study

Shannon Eggemeyer

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Tennis Club

Jenny Lawon

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Walking Club
Book Club

Cadie Becker

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